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'I have seen a very noticeable improvement in our residents' communication and ability to express emotion and feeling. One of the young people has been able to assert himself far more and another has been able to converse with others much better than before. I feel that Music Therapy has given these young people more confidence.'
Comments from a Senior Support Worker about our provision in a Residential Children's Home

'Music Therapy sessions provide a channel for release both physically and emotionally for our young people, who have complex needs and issues and limited communication.'
Comments from the House Manager about our provision in a Residential Children's Home

'My mum always tells me when the 'Music Man' has been and talks about her sessions lots, even despite her memory problems and difficulty finding the right words. I've seen her waving out of her window as George leaves the building. The sessions mean so much to her, and it is unusual for her to be able to communicate her enthusiasm with such clarity these days'
Comments from the daughter of one of our elderly clients with dementia

'Each patient brings something different with them to the group. The atmosphere in the room can change from being happy to sad to happy again very quickly, and this can be brought on by a song that stirs up emotions and memories. I have found that the patients feel safe and supported by each other, giving each other time to talk if they wish to do so, which enables them to explore their feelings. I've heard patients talk about family issues, their cancer, and treatments, housing, love, sorrow and relationships, hair loss, wigs, the past and the future. They know that it is their time and its up to them to use it however they want. It's interesting to see what instrument each person chooses, it kind of reflects their mood at that particular time; as the mood changes the way they play it changes, sometimes trying different ones with different sounds. One patient made a CD, it was songs she always sang at family gatherings, this patient suffered from breathlessness but when she sang her eyes sparkled she was so proud at being able to make a CD to pass on to her family.'
Observations from a nurse who assisted with one of our Music Therapy Groups in Palliative Care

'When I first came here I didn't know what I was getting myself into! It's the first time I've played music since I was twelve (and now I'm an awful lot older!). It has brought back my enthusiasm and given me the will to enjoy music again. I've got on better than I thought I'd get on. I got hold of a piano (from the hospice) and it has made my life better. It's not like a pupil and teacher thing, just two folk at a piano working stuff out. Because you've written it (music), it might not be good to everyone else but it is brilliant to you.'
Comments from one of our clients with a life-limiting illness